Horror comics and art by Ian Richardson

It was a dark and stormy night…
A random set of panels from new comic, coming soon. Because everyone deserves a clean shit bucket.
24 pages pencilled. Next up inks. Feelin’ good.
Main character sketches. New comic. Coming soon.

I did some quick demon sketches for warm up yesterday and today. Enjoy.

damn hobos…more great work from John B.

Mark Margolis, Robert A Silverman, and Patrick Magee. Three people I know are not the same, but don’t ask me who is who.  Sometimes I think I have trouble telling people apart. Other times I think I see connections where there aren’t any.

I nice view I drew while staying in Maine a few days ago. Brush pen and water color.
A piece of a part of a panel of the first part of my new comic Monstrum. I love that little guy on the branch, he’s so tough!
First panel from my comic called Monstrum.