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CCS Book Proposal Contest Winner Is Josh Rosen! « The Center for Cartoon Studies


So really cool news: my manuscript “The Adventures of Felix Pinn” has been chosen as the winner of the Center for Cartoon Studies Book Proposal Contest! Like the website says, my proposal will be represented to trade book publishers by Judith Hansen, the agent who represents Scott McCloud, R Crumb, Raina Telgemeier, Kazu Kibuishi and Bryan Lee O’Malley, among others. I’m EXTREMELY grateful to CCS for creating this opportunity, and am incredibly excited to see where all this goes!


Peek-a-boo… Maybe my favorite random panel from my new comic. 
It was a dark and stormy night…
A random set of panels from new comic, coming soon. Because everyone deserves a clean shit bucket.
24 pages pencilled. Next up inks. Feelin’ good.
Main character sketches. New comic. Coming soon.

I did some quick demon sketches for warm up yesterday and today. Enjoy.

damn hobos…more great work from John B.

Mark Margolis, Robert A Silverman, and Patrick Magee. Three people I know are not the same, but don’t ask me who is who.  Sometimes I think I have trouble telling people apart. Other times I think I see connections where there aren’t any.

I nice view I drew while staying in Maine a few days ago. Brush pen and water color.